Kenwood TS-850: PLL problem

A good friend gave me as a gift a Kenwood TS-850S/AT, my rig-dream when 16.

This rtx has been off for 12 years in his basement…it has the classic problem to the PLL: sends the morse code “UL” via the speaker and shows only dots on the display.

I’ve found a problem that is probably cause of the malfunctioning: on the board “Car unit (X50-3140-001)” there are 11 electrolytic capacitors and some of them leaks the electrolyte (boric acid) starting the process of corrosion of the tracks.

I hope to be on time and none of the “DDS-impossible-to-find ” be dead, meantime I’ve ordered new¬†Tantalium capacitors, updates in the next post.

[UPDATE]: Board cleaned with chlorothene, installed¬† new caps…problem solved, the rig is back to life :-)

Here some pictures of the board (click on it to enlarge) :

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One Response to “Kenwood TS-850: PLL problem”

  1. Esteban Ruben Lungu Says:

    Como se puede limpiar esa corrosion. que productos son verdaderamente efectivos. Yo he probado varios en la primera vez que repare la CAR UNIT del TS-850 y ahora me a vuelto a fallar y noto que los pin de los chips no se pueden soldar, el oxido les ataco o algo mas.

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