Contest VHF-UHF “Treviso”

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Beautiful contest this weekend on Monte Pennino JN63KC.
With I0WBX, IK0DDP, IW0GPN and IZ0FWE we have used IK0DDP/6 call on 144 MHz and IQ0OS/6 on 432 MHz.
Setup on 2m is 4 fixed arrays, 2x3x8 elements JXX, 2x4x9 elements ECO and a turnable couple of 10 elements Shark, 5 MGF1801, power is QRO.
On 70cm single 31 elements JXX, pre Dressler and 100W out

Contest REPORT 432 MHz IQ0OS click HERE 

ODX 432 MHz: EB3DYS JN11CK 900 Km

144 MHz REPORT will be published ASIP

Very special THANKS to Alex IW0GPN for his beautiful PHOTOS !!


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