21° Symposium Terni-Orvieto

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Yesterday in Amelia has been the meeting of homebrewer
Thanks to I0FHZ Ennio for his 1st class instruments and to “Laboratorio Tevere” and IW0GIV Raimondo for his support and a nice van with 10m telescopic pneumatic pole

This year we measured a singular antenna, it’s a yagi for 144 MHz feeded by a magnetic slot.
This antenna, called YAMAGA from the owner IK0SMG Pino, seems to be very good.

Boom Lenght: abt 6,5m
The gain measured during the Symposium is 13.08 dBd
Bandpass is only 400 Khz, from 144.0 to 144.4 with return loss max of -21dB, so no FM traffic allowed :-)
Front/Back is better than 30dB and the secondary lobes are reduced
The magnetic dipole make this antenna very silent, optimal for MS/EME reducing tipical citizen electrical noise.
Soon we post the definitive measure for build this beam


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  1. […] is not the first time that I try a loop feeded yagi, the first one was from IK0SMG, look here , here and here. Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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