May VHF and UP contest IK0ISD/6 IW0FFK/6 JN62OX

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Last weekend the VHF&Up contest of May, we used the call IK0ISD/6 and the team is composed by: I0WBX IK0XBQ I0JFE IZ0FWE IW0GPN and me.
We worked on 2m with multiple system: 2x3x8jxx and 2x4x9eco. This time no electrical failure during the contest (except the antenna switch substituted in 15′ and the little 432 PA), but we had a serious problem with the jeep in the middle of travel, head seal broken…thanks to IK0DDP for running 260 km and save the contest!
We had some nice tropo conditions, expecially during the sunrise, with nices qsos >900 km with great signals.
On 432 we worked with a single 31el.jxx and 100W, direction fixed to 20° or 280° for minimize the heavy effect of third armonic of 144MHz, anyway we worked some good qso >800 km

Here the Contest Report 144 and the Contest Report 432


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