Finally the IK0FTA’s 10 LAWS for successing in 6m DX!!

Thanks to Sergio IK0FTAStefano I0WTD and Tony I0JX for creation of 10 tricks for working DX more efficiently on Six meter band.
They have presented these rules during a VHF conference in Netherland last year.
Some of these rules are specific for JN61 square.

– Foreword

The following 10 laws have been drawn in 2001 by a group of 6m DX enthusiasts while chatting on a local 70cm FM frequency waiting for the F2 propagation to show.
They reflect the particular “state of mind” of the DX-hunter, frustrated for the waiting but extremely eager to get a new one.
They have been taken as perfect excuse to discuss about 6m operations from JN61.

– Law nr. 1 (JN61 specific)

During the Es period you can confidently leave the shack when there is a good opening with Central Europe.
When instead there is no apparent traffic you must be very careful: the multi-hop is hiding behind the corner!

– Law nr. 2 (JN61 specific) Italian Poetry

Se c’è LER ma non c’è URA la serata sarà dura.
Se c’è URA ma non LER poche cose potrai fer.
Se c’è LER assieme ad URA la propagazione, è ormai sicura!

– Law nr. 3 (JN61 specific)

Caribbean DX compares to Roma, as light compares to a black hole
(aka: never seen!!)

– Law nr. 4 (JN61 specific)

When checking TEP with South Africa, the presence of the ZD8 beacon has little meaning, but when it is concurrent with the ZS6, we must prepare for a good opening with South America later.

– Law nr. 5 (General)

There are only 500 Km for a new country.
(Aka: do not get depressed when the signal you are looking for is heard only 500 Km away from your QTH. Sooner or later it will land on your head).

– Law nr. 6 (General)

When it looks like there is no propagation, it does not mean that propagation is closed, but it is just falling in the sea or in a desert area!

– Law nr. 7 (JN61 specific)

When DX is being worked in IT9, then Roma is too much North. When DX is being worked in I2, then Roma is too much South. When DX is being worked in IS0, then Roma is too much East. When DX is being worked in I7, then Roma is too much West. In general: we are too much in Roma!!

– Law nr. 8 (JN61 specific)

Before long path openings into Japan and Pacific, there is always some South America before, but not during the event.

– Law nr. 9 (General)

When you hear the beacons from OX, a phone call to the local operators is of no use, as they will never pop up till the beacons are there.

– Law nr. 10 (JN61 specific)

Go hunting in group is a must. A small network of motivated friends is more effective than a 10 KW amplifier.

– Not a Law but TRUE

Dx-ing from a big city is a tough work! Not only against the gods of propagation, but we must also fight against the devils of QRM.

Path to Far-East is extremely difficult for JN61


Thank you, Sergio FTA and Stefano WTD.

The original Powerpoint file of these rules can be downloaded here


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