70 MHz in Italy

1 month++ without a message in my Blog

Very busy with QRL and some projects

During the last month we had some nice ES opening on 144MHz

On 6m worked new countries

CO8DM in FL11 new DXCC!!
SU1SK in KM50 new DXCC!!
7U5CI in JM26 new DXCC!!
C52T in IK13 new DXCC!!
3V8SS in JM56 new DXCC!!
J8/W6JKV FK93 new DXCC!!
FJ5DX in FK87 new DXCC!!
OX2A in GP47 new DXCC!!

But the big event is the opening of 4m band for italians OMs!!
Thanks to IK0YYY and I0JX!!
I have worked some nice ES QSO on 4m and hope to have catched some “Firsts”
Beautiful QSO with CT1HZE with only 40mW from the driver of HM transverter prototype.

Now my equipment is a modded IC706 with 5el yagi own design.

Here the mod for IC706, sorry only in italian language:

IC-706 4m mod


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