Contest “4080 ” 2007 – IK0PEA Team

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This 24hr ITALIAN contest is very funny!
In this competition every station can have QSO with others in 3,5 and 7 MHz in CW(3pts), RTTY(2pts) and SSB(1pts), total of six QSOs with same station, every italian “department” is a mutiplier, one for each mode/band.
Obvious the strategy in this contest is the key for gain the top positions, performant directional Yagi antenna and BIG PA’s are quite useless for dx of few hundres of km, dipoles not so far from the ground and legal power is enough, better with a couple of notch filters.
This contest boost the spirit of competion and every team has some “personal derby”, a derby with other teams of same radioclub, with others radioclub of same call-area and with others teams of Italy. We worked with the call IK0PEA, and the team was composed from IK0PEA (SSB RTTY) ,IK0LNN (SSB RTTY CW), IK0XFD(CW SSB(!!!)),IW0GIV(SSB),IW0FFK(RTTY CW)
Contest results is TOP SECRET!….at least for 6-8 months :>


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