4m in Italy also on 2008

we have a temporarily authorization for 70 MHz band (until 31 dec 2008).
Last year we started the 4m experience on 13 July, so we missed some ES opening.

We can only transmit on:

70.100 +/- 12.5 KHz
70.200 +/- 12.5 KHz
70.300 +/- 12.5 KHz

Due the little portion of band, we must share different modes in few space.
Only two words:

Please use FM and others wideband modes only on 70.300

Please use the DX QRG 70.200 only on cw/ssb (like in other countries)

Have fun on 4m!


2 Responses to “4m in Italy also on 2008”

  1. I have a question, how you tx on band 4m , used by a ic-706mk2g ???. I have a 706, but i dont know how made a modyfication this trx on works tx on 4m band

  2. This is a 706 first version that was modified some years ago.
    MK2 and MK2G are totally different rig
    Substantially you should:
    1) Mod the 144MHz RX path for 70MHz
    2) Mod the tx 50MHz TX path for 70MHz
    3) Tricks the cpu to believe that everything is ok and to choose the right path.
    The work is not finished, one can work on the driver and final amplifier, the IF is very close to the RF and it must be well filtered
    The power without any mod on the final stage is less of 10W with 50dBc to the higher harmonic.
    I use it from years, but a good transverter in front an hf full of gadgets is better.

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