Crazy weather and ES for all!

In the last week we had hailstorm and strong wind from south, instable meteo conditions with temps rising from 20 degrees C to 35 C and again down to 18 C in a couple of days.
This was beautiful for ES in all low VHF bands (in HF also, but who cares).

On 6m remarkable Qso with:

LA5TFA in JP99KQ CW 3125Km

LZ1MG KN22QE CW 1067Km worked in massive BackScatter

NP4A FK68QA SSB 7785Km The first transoceanic hop this year

JHØRNN PM97OV CW 9641Km Heard also JE1BMJ but no qso.


IZ8DWF JM78TC SSB 489Km Finally worked Frank with good Tropo condx.

J49K KM57 SSB 1655Km new DXCC

ES5AM KO38GR SSB 2124Km new DXCC

CT1HZE IM57NH SSB 1889 Just received 70MHz authorization for 2008

Must citate UFB QSO of Frank IZ8DWF with OY3JE over 3000km on 70Mhz


RA6HHT LNØ5XW CW 2539Km Good east opening.

UT5JCW KN94 CW 2168Km

I’ve missed several openings…but better must come ;-)


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