VHF-UHF: Trophy 2009 is started

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Same team of 2008, I5PVAIK5VHUIK5ZWUIW0FFK but this year we would like to run on 2 bands, 2m and 70cm with the calls IK5ZWU/6 andIW0FFK/6.
For this winter competition we went again on Monte Nerone JN63GN, meteo conditions was quite good and the minumum temperature always over 3° during the day and 50cm of snow began to melt quickly under the sun.

This time we work with reduced setup, on 144 four antenna systems, 3x1x16 + 2×17, on 432 single 39el yagi.
Rigs used IC-735 + xverter (FTG project, ZWU realization) on 2m and IC-910 on 70cm, the power is about 500W in both bands.

Results is not so bad considering the lack of radio propagation.
On 144 something like 170k points with ODX a Polish radioclub at 950km (sri i don’t have the log right now) and 25k pts on 70cm with ODX DK2OY/P QRB abt 870km


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