July International Contest on V-UHF

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With all team’s members, Paolo I5PVA, Antonio IK5VHU and Walter IK5ZWU we went in the contest site in JN63GN, but this time we can’t install the antenna systems in usual ways for some logistic problems.
So in 144MHz, with IK5ZWU/6 call we used 4 antenna systems, 1×16, 1×16, 2×16 and 3×17
Results about 265k points and over 500 qso, with ODX 1450km, others qsos over 1000km with LZ and UR.
On 432 MHz we suffered heavy noise from 144MHz, so we went to another locations at about 1km from 144 antennas.
We used IW0FFK/6 call and a very minimal setup: 12V car accumulator, 50W, 21el yagi, hand-rotator, no preamplifier, no cluster, no KST’s chat.
With these conditions we worked about 8-9 hours mainly in reply for save energy :-)
Anyway we logged 56 qsos with 22000 points, that’s not so bad.
Top 10 70cm qsos/km:
SN9D 843
SN7L 833
OL7M 803
DL0GTH 799
OL9W 788
OL4A 782
OM6A 781
OM3W 773
DF0MTL 766
DK5NJ 759

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