August Contests

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First contest of this month was a bad adventure.
On 1/08 with IK0LNN we went on “Monte Pennino” in JN63KC for “Alpe Adria” on 144 MHz, but unfortunally after having installed antennas, during the night in tent I’ve got a bad renal colic due to a kidney stone, expelled later after 1 week of pain… :-/
On 15/08 we went on “Monte Terminillo” in JN62LL for SOTA contest.
We used the Andrea’s call IK0LNN/0
The id of this summit is LZ-010 and is 2215m asl, one of the highest summits near Rome.
We reach the summit in about 2,5 hours following the footpath n° 403 instead of 401 (1 hour), but the 403 is more beautiful.
Antenna was a 10el Laret and a Kenwood Tr-751 (thanks to IK0SMG) with the low power regulated at the minimum (measured 750 mW).
Weight (included water food and a 7.2Ah 12V sealed battery) was about 10Kg each.
The propagation was quite good but with this low power it’s hard to acheive some dx, anyway a funny day.
Meteo also was quite good with some black cloud but without water.

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