70 MHz 5 el. Yagi 1.1wl

For now we still don’t have a license to operate on 70 MHz, but it’s always possible to achieve some qso on crossband 4m/6m, so I have just installed a beam for 70MHz, this Yagi is a new project developed for revive an old 5el from I0JXX for 50MHz.

Result is a compact 5el 12 Ohm with a good pattern and gain.

Here some simulation with 4nec2 antenna modelling software:

The impedance is 12 Ohm, so it must feeded trough a transformer made with coaxial cable.

A parallel of 50 Ohm with electrical quarter-wave lenght, should be used (or any other way to obtain a line with impedance 25 Ohm –> SQRT(12*50) = 24,49

70Mhz 5el IW0FFK 4NEC2 file  (right click, save as…)

Here some pictures of new antenna:


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