Working inside power amplifier

My 6m PA blow the 16A fuse on the primary when I switch-on the anodic high voltage.

This is the first time that I investigate the power supply of this amplifier and I’ve found the high voltage directly wired on the switch on the front panel. This is not the cause of my problem, but i’m not so happy to know that.

If the red lamp blows up, we got a potentially lethal voltage just few mm away from the finger…mmmm

I will put a relay that can do this job…

I’ve found the problem of my amplifier, the screen between primary and secondary windings of trasformer is shorted with secondary and it’s connected to ground….

For now I have lifted the screen and the PA is back to work, I hope to use it for this 6m season and I will rewire the trasformer next winter :-/


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