June 1st week: 6m Mongolia!

Every year the first week of june is dense of ES openings with frenetic activity.

This is a list of remarkables QSOs acheived during this period on bands of interest:


nothing in JN61!
I’ve heard only IV3KKW Alex (and others in north Italy) working 5B and SV9


Not so active on this band due some doubts around the license, for now we have a verbal authorization from a functionary of government, anyway worked some new country:

ES1CW KO29IF 2117
EA1YV IN52OF 1752 —> new country #27
CT1DHM IN61CB 1686
OZ2PBS JO55XJ 1515
OH3UW KP21FA 2287 —> new country #28
GU6HFB IN89RK 1440
CT1DIZ IM58KP 1860
OY9JD IP62OA 2587 —> new country #29
YO9HP KN35BA 1160
OZ1JXY JO46TX 1703

OY was a 2xES, I’m waiting for this contact from 2008, when northern and southern Italy worked easily this country.

Here the audio record: OY9JD qso IW0FFK 70MHz


Massive openings to east and caribbean area, only few Usa/Canada worked.

A71CV LL55SF 4017
E4X KM71OQ 2306 —> new country #125
A92GR LL56HF 3877
KP4EIT FK68SI 7755
TN5SN JI75 5148
PJ4NX FK52UD 8347
PV8ADI FJ92PT 8406
VO1KVT GN29 5131
K4RX EM7Ø 8360
K1TOL FN44 6461
FJ5DX FK87NV 7491
UN7QX MN83KE 5148
EY8MM MM48FI 4695
JTØYAB NN48FO 5753 —> new country #126

JT0YAB was a nice shot…suddenly from light traces on Spectrano to peak of 559, here the link of mp3 file, worked when 519: JT0YAB qso IW0FFK 50 MHz


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