First 2011 2m ES with double hop!

144 MHz ES QSO

EA8TX  IL18QI      SSB   3016  ODX (already worked on 2007)

EB8BRZ  IL27HX     SSB   2945

EA8TJ  IL18RI       SSB   3010

CS7/PDØHNL  IM67FF     SSB   1784

EA4LU            IM68TV    SSB   1624
CN8LI             IM63NX    SSB   1899
CT1FJC          IM57OC    SSB   1891
CT1HZE         IM57MM  SSB   1888
EA7BYM       IM66UM    SSB   1714
CT1EPC         IM68          SSB   1685+-
EA4ALY        IM68MU   FM    1674
EA4KM          IN8Ø           FM    1296+-
EA4RN           IN3Ø           FM    2124+-
EA4EOZ         IN8ØCI     FM    1369
EC4DPC         IN8ØCF     FM    1372
EA4CJA         IN8ØCI     FM    1369
EA4FZC         IM89       FM    1322+-
CT1EAT         IM68DA     FM    1765
EA4EUB        IN8ØEJ     FM    1354
EA4DGW       IN8ØBM     FM    1372
EA4GDA        IM68MU     FM    1674
CT1DIN          IN6Ø       SSB   1628+-

Good opening with 2xES with EA8 stable for 50′ with huge signals.

Some new square worked.

Many qso worked in FM @ 145.500 due full of callers around 144.300.

Very funny!

Thanks to EA4EOZ Miguel for this video:


4 Responses to “First 2011 2m ES with double hop!”

  1. Miguel Angel Says:

    Take a look to this video:


  2. thanks for this video!

  3. my locator correct is im66um

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