Simple analog inclinometer

I was looking for a system to check the tilt of my yagi for moonbouncing. Actually I use a linear actuator for dish, it sends  pulses when moving, a pic counts these pulses, makes some calculation then prints on the lcd the elevation in degrees.

But I need some feedback, so I’ve realized a very simple (and analogic) inclinometer. Only parts needed is a good potentiometer with ball-bearing and a plastic box.

For the reading circuit, one can use an A/D (embedded in almost every pic) or classic analog panel meter, I’m working there on…


3 Responses to “Simple analog inclinometer”

  1. […] Installed new elevation system and inclinometer with pot (pictures here) […]

    • Ciao Marco mi dai qualche info in piu per quanto riguarda l’inclinometro e il sistema di lettura analogico
      IZ0FWE Carlo

  2. […] analog inclinometer visible here does not exist anymore…this is the bigger fragment that I have […]

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