ES/F2 openings

The ES season starts very well.

On 6m worked South America, a couple of new DXCC and some new square:

PY1ON and PY1NX in GG87

PY2NQ and PY2HN in GG66

PU4MHO in GG79

PY5EW in GG46

ZP5SNA in GG14  NEW DXCC #163

CE2/VE7SV in FF47

LU3HBO in FF88

CE3SX in FF46

PY2REK in GG65

OA4TT in FH16 NEW DXCC #164

Here the audio record of OA4TT, thanks to Stefano I0WTD

On 4m many openings toward EA-CT-G with some new square worked, missed A92IO Dave…received 449, called but too much erp difference.

New country on ES 144 MHz –> 4X1GA !!  TNX Arcady.



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