Testing new LFA beam

Last week I’ve built a 6m beam from Justin G0KSC website, I choose the 4.9 boom lenght, the exact lenght of previous antenna, a 5el by I0JXX, to make some sort of comparison between the two.

With new temporary arrangement, the 6m antenna is installed at only 3m from the floor of the roof, and  very close, about 4m, to the main tower supporting 144 and 70MHz yagis, so it’s a unhappy environment for any antenna.

Anyway the LFA seems ok, with no need of fine tuning, I read negligible swr from 50 to 50.6 MHz.

The boom is alluminium square tube 30x30x3000 mm and 2x 25x25x1500 partially inside. I’ve used  the green hydraulic plastic pipe clamps as insulators. Elements and loop are made with 12mm diam. alluminium pipe and the loop is closed with 10mm bended pipe.

All the measures are exactly on the G0KSC’s website, 4.9m boom 6m metric version.

With the precious aid of Alessandro IW0HQE I’ve plotted the radiation diagram for my antenna…seems very good and close to the simulated one by G0KSC.

This is not the first time that I try a loop feeded yagi, the first one was in 2006 from IK0SMG, look here , here and here.


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