FT817 + SDR Dongle = Panadapter

Thanks to Roberto IZ2FOB, he pointed me in right direction with the link to the panadapter mod for the FT817.

In this pdf Mike N1JEZ explain how to tap the 68.33 Mhz IF from the little Yaesu to feed an SDR USB dongle receiver.

He use an inside-mounted buffer amplifier, a mmic, and an external commercial filter to clear the IF before the dongle.

I don’t like it so much, instead I prefere to put everything outside the rig.

He use the FT-817 on 3cm with a transverter, probably does not want other boxes around.

So I’ve only tapped the signal with a small smd capacitor of 4.7pF.

If needed, the buffer will follow.

First tests with EasySDR dongle (with 96kHz beta firmware) are ok!

I want to use it to monitor the 50MHz band, but it works on any band covered by the FT-817: 160m-70cm.

On 6m this cheap mod permits to receive simultaneously all the beacon band and some more, if you see a trace, probably it’s a beacon (or a birdie)…just point and click to hear it.


The dongle can receive on AM/FM/SSB/CW about +/-40kHz around the frequency selected on the FT-817.

So, to check the beacon band on 6m, 50.050 is our LO (coverage few less of 50002-50098)

1) Tune the FT-817 on 50050 CW

2) Start HDSDR then click Options-> ExtIO Frequency Options, Select “SDR Hardware on IF Output” and insert here 68330000 in Hz

3) On the LO counter insert the frequency 0050.050.000

4) If the frequency axis is mirrored (higher frequencies on the left and lowers on the right) select Options and “Swap I and Q Channels”



3 Responses to “FT817 + SDR Dongle = Panadapter”

  1. It is a very nice post! Could you tell me what is the significance of tuning 817 to 50050MHZ? I think about doing what you are showing here but fail to understand some details – I have very limited experience in this area.


  2. I think, I got it! This is because you want to “look” at the 6m band, right? For other bands, you have to enter different/appropriate values! :-)

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