Yagicam back online

The mast webcam has been repaired after 1 year of out of order…

For now it’s placed at 2m to the ground, about 1,5m below the 6m Yagi on the little tower.

The image is updated every 120 sec, just refresh this page.

It’s located in Rome, Italy JN61FS

The hardware is a D-Link DC-910 ethernet cam, seems not so good with the focus on long distance, but it was not designed fot this use.

The cam is placed inside a electrical plastic box with an hole for the ccd covered by transparent plexiglass.
The 5V supply voltage goes on the ethernet cable (on a 10-100Mbit network only the wires 1-2-3-6 are used, 4-5-7-8 are free and can be used for DC)
Due to the long cable, around 70m, I choose to feed with a mini 2A switching supply trimmed at 10V, and inside the cam box there is a 1,5A series voltage regulator on a large cooling fin of aluminium.

The cam drawn 250mA continuous with peak of 450mA when 3 users are connected directly and watching video stream.


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