Contest IARU VHF 2012

The IARU reg.1 VHF contest is probably the best event of the year for testing our equipment. Many european big teams in good locations are happy to try skeds.

I have been on air for few hours during the contest, just for giving some point to friends and try some dx.

The propagation was good enough for terrestrial tropo, less for sea tropo, no EA worked.

Many QSO over 550km and some good dx like:

SV8/IK0BZY in JM99WN 670km

HG1Z in JN86KU 670km

HG3X in JN96EE 680km

HG1W in JN87GF 690km

DK5EW in JN48MB 750km

HA5KDQ in JN97LN 825km

OM6A in JN99JC 950km

I really like the sound of 950km cw!

Very happy also to work a DL station other than Gerhard DK1FG, the only German OM easily workable from Rome.

EDIT 05/09/2012

Mike OM6AZ, member of OM6A team, kindly sent me the audio record of QSO, here it is:

Found on youtube also this video:


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