New antenna for 6m: 7JXX6 modified to 7 LFA


April here is the best month to work on the roof: nice weather, confortable temperature and little/no wind.

With Leonardo IW0AGX we made and installed another LFA, 7 el by G0KSC
No additional trimming of the measures, negligible swr over the band.
The antenna has been made modifying a 7JXX6 by I0JXX replacing the 2m 40mm diameter part of the boom with 3m alluminium tube with same diameter. In addition the 12mm diameter reflector has been replaced. The other elements are trimmed to right lenght. The dipole must be reworked removing the glue behind the N connector, then remove the hairpin and the balun and make the connections between the shield of the connector and the semi-dipole.
Here the working notes, ask me for further details: 7JXX6 to 7LFA6

Plot acquired with IK0RMR aid:7lfa6m


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