Remote Control of the Station (Update 2013)


In summer 2006 I made ​​a few QSO in 144MHz ES using my station controlled through the internet from my workplace

The only object that I had to realize is the antenna rotator controller for the Yaesu G400

The controller works in parallel with the original Yaesu control-box and accept rs232 commands in Easycomm 1 protocol with a simple client specifically written


The rest was made with Ham Radio Deluxe to control the rig, Ip-Sound for tx/rx audio, CWType for send the Code and Remote Administrator to see my desktop (the dull choice…).

During the years I’ve lost interest in this kind of activity … up to 20 may 2013!

In 20 may 2013 two friends of mine worked VK8AW on 50MHz while I was at work without remote access. DOH!

So I decided to restore the remote control of the station and to improve it to make them occupy the least possible bandwidth without the use of a remote desktop software.

2013 update

For rig control I use Kenwood ARCP that connects a virtual com port tunneled via TCP

keywords: ser2net + socat


For audio tx-rx I use Jitsi, it sounds better than Skype, is lighter and Open Source and one can choose the preferred audio codec.


For turning the Antenna I updated the Easycomm I client with a ultralight one, working in a ssh shell

For sending remotely the Morse Code I’ve realized an USB-to-Morse adapter with a microcontroller and a FTDI

This private video is just to show the operation to a friend, you can go directly to minute 2:35

The system works very nice in Linux, ARCP is loaded with Wine and is OK,

Bandwidth is 5-12Kb/s (depends on the audio codec choosen in Jitsi)

Hope this can help someone, please reply if you have suggestions.


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