End June Activity Status

At the end of June only an update for activity on air


Few ES openings in JN61 but that of 18 June was long and intense.

Worked about 30 QSO in 2+ hour of activity, countries contacted: EA – CT – YU – G – UA – UR – YO – LZ – LY – HA – SP Many new squares in the log, the ODX was RZ6DD in LN04MX 2330km



Many more stations on air than last year, several openings with

SP – EA – CT – ON – OZ – G – EI – SV – YO – DL – PA – OK – OM 8 new squares worked, now i’m on 177#

ODX of June was EA8ACW/P in IL28EC 2955km


This year few USA openings in JN61, better was to Asia direction. New countries worked:

4U1ITU #175

VP2ETE #176

BV2DQ #177

VK8AW #178

Taiwan and Australia have been worked both with remote station from QRL with 100W, it works! VK8MS with QRB of 13270km is my new ODX iw0ffk_vk8aw  


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