Odd season for JN61

This July on 50 MHz was characterized by few ES transatlantic openings in my square, much less than other years, worked some NA QSO, only the bigger stations. Have been some days with SA openings (F2?) with PYs stations signals over 59!
I started in 2004, never worked before PY on July.
On the other side just to mention a nice opening of 07/07/2013 with BY.

Massive tropo/sea-duct days on 70 and 144 MHz.
2m: easy QSOs over 900km with F6DRO (JN03TJ), OM8A (JN87VW) and usual EA stations (Barcellona, Valencia)
4m: worked via sea duct EA-IT9-I1-I8 ODX 1117km, via ES we had 2 days of opening with OH land, quite rare here.

Remarkable 2m ES Multi Hop opening of 09/07/2013 toward EA8, about 2 hours of EA8 in with big signals.


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