HV0A on air during Perseids 2013

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This year during Perseids shower we activated the HV0A station.

Team was composed by :

I2YSB Silvano HF/6m

IK2CKR Angelo HF/6m

IK0FTA Sergio 4m/2m MS

IW0FFK Marco 4m/2m MS

On HF over 5000 QSOs and 120 MS QSOs on 70-144 MHz

Pse send all QSLs via IK0FVC or wait your confirmation on LOTW very soon, see QRZ.COM for further info.

On 144MHz FSK441 the rig was an old Kenwood TR-751 + 200W SSPA, it works very well on RX for this type of activity.

The only mod that I’ve made is the AGC time constant. The TR-751 has the AGC fixed to “SLOW” when in SSB mode and that’s not good for detect short MS pings.

It’s very easy to set it permanently in “FAST” mode, like on CW: just disconnect (and isolate) the white wire (pin 1) of J11 connector at the bottom of the rig.

See the picture below



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