Autumn TEP

Due to QRL, the time for radio is always short, and even less to write the blog.

Howewer some good QSO has been made.

Worked IG9Y  Lampedusa DXpedition, operated by Gabi HA1YA , on 50 – 70 and 144 MHz in 2 lucky days with high pressure and good SEA-DUCT conditions (700km). On 70 MHz was a new square #186

On 6m some good openings toward South America, worked some LU and PY, ZP, ZD8JR and CP6UA in FH82JF (New Country #179). Missed TO2TT :-[


The HF antenna is now fixed ready for winter, I have a full-wave dipole for 30m and an half-wave dipole for 80m fully functional. If you listen my cq, pse reply….I need most of the countries.



One Response to “Autumn TEP”

  1. EXCELENTE BLOG! saludos desde Villa Regina, Arg. (ff60lv)
    73 de LU4VI

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