Panadapter for IC-756 PRO3

Connect an SDR Dongle at the 1st IF of the IC-756 PRO3 is an easy job.

There is an unused TMP connector on the RF-B board that can be used: J1651


J1651 is just after the main and sub 1st IF amplifier and the signal is tapped with a 5pF capacitor, so only a short coax pigtail is needed.

The unused external tuner power connector has been moved inside the rig and 2 small pieces of FR4 copper board are used for support the SMA connector.

This mod, if needed, can be removed in few minutes without any sign on the rig.

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The 1st IF is at 64.455 Mhz, is connected directly to the dongle and all is working ok, just to be sure I will insert a buffer amp and a filter.

EDIT 06/03/2014: added a passband filter centered on 64.455 MHz and a buffer with MAX2650 mmic powered via USB cable.

Here a screenshot just taken, nice 6m TEP opening.



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  1. […] the schematic one can see that the designer had already added this possibility,¬†same way of IC-756, and the connector CN6 on TX-RX1 board (bottom of the rig) can do the […]

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