Looking the ISS


This morning we had a clear passage of the Space Station ISS over our heads, so with colleagues at QRL we quickly arranged a basic station for measuring the level of the video signal received with a small fixed antenna.

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The antenna is a simple Helical for S-band (TECOM model 401022, 12 dBi) fixed to the direction where the ISS would be at minimum range, 463 km. Az=35°, El=71°.

The converter is a cheap chinese LNB:

ECRIEE Electronics Co. Ltd.
NF : <0,4 dB (measured: around 0,5 dB)
Gain: 50 dB (measured 51,5 dB)
LO: 3650 spec (3652,53 measured)




The “receiver” is an HP 8567A spectrum analyzer. In the last picture the ISS’s video signal is acquired…the maximum level was over 13dB  to the noise for about 45 seconds.

Next time we will try with a commercial tvsat decoder to catch the stream


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