Spring TEP and F2

Days of strong TEP openings with some F2 in the low VHF bands.

On 6m almost every day we had afternoon and evening TEP with Southern Africa zone.

Heard/worked ZS 3B8 J2 9L 6W 3DA C5 TR V5

Remarkable QSO with ZS1NAZ in JF96, first ZS1 worked here

On skewed TEP / F2 toward Southern America we receive every day ZD7 ZD8 and 6V beacons around 21-22z till late night, often followed by PY LU CE ZP sometime with huge signals, FG4NN heard calling on backscatter.

Finally worked VP8NO in GD18 DXCC #182


VP8 was difficult to work for me, here the history:

2012: heard the first time VP8NO, big opening, was worked by every I0, called several time with no luck…I had forgotten to switch on the high voltage of the tube pa -_- , so almost no rf in antenna. My amps are away from the desk, at the other corner of the room, I listened the clik-clak of the relays during the calls, so everything seemed ok….NC

2013: not hrd

2014: hrd on ssb on 19/03 with signal 52-54, was a marginal opening here, on I5 the signal was 9+, called several time in the big pileup….NC

20/03 received VP8VHF beacon at 50.048 MHz quite strong for about 1 hour, but unfortunately no VP8NO on air at that time

21/03 heard again the VP8 beacon, spotted on the dxcluster then after some call finally worked, pheew!


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