Kenwood TS-2000: 1st IF, tap for Panadapter

I’ve bought on Ebay a cheap DVB-T dongle that can be easily used as a wideband receiver with HDSDR, SDR#, gqrx and other SDR softwares for Linux and Windows systems. The coverage is about 24 to 1700 MHz and bandwidth up to 2.4 MHz


I was inerested to connect the dongle as a panadapter for the Kenwood TS-2000, the rig that I use when in remote.

Googling around I’ve found only info about HF SDR connected to the lower IF of that rig at 10.695 MHz. This frequency is outside the range of the rtl-sdr dongle and the detected spectrum at 10.695 is narrow only few kHz.

For a good panoramic receiver the solution is to tap the IF at the first conversion just after the mixer and before the roofing filter.

Looking the schematic one can see that the designer had already added this possibility, same way of IC-756, and the connector CN6 on TX-RX1 board (bottom of the rig) can do the job.



The signal is tapped with a small capacitor, C118 of 2 pF. I’ve connected directly to the dongle without a buffer and I did not detect any reduction in sensitivity anyway is a good practice to insert an high impedance amplifier between the CN6 and the dongle.

On the back of the rig no free holes to fit a coaxial connector, so I took out the cable using the space around the REMOTE socket, unused in my shack.


The TS-2000 has 2 different IFs depending on the selected band, so we must insert different values in the “IF-frequency” box of HDSDR-Options-RF Front End + Calibration window.

For receiving 30m, 20m, 12m and 6m  69085000 Hz must be inserted.

Other HF frequencies use a 75925000 Hz IF

Everything works very well.

All this description is only for HF/6m bands. VHF and UHF have a different conversion path.



10 Responses to “Kenwood TS-2000: 1st IF, tap for Panadapter”

  1. jorge Says:

    please add more pictures , how conect the cable in side ts 2000

  2. I’m sorry but the rig is now closed and in use, I can’t take any more pictures right now. However the connection is really easy. On the bottom of the rig locate the TX-RX1 board and the CN6 connector, then you can use a tiny coaxial cable with the braid soldered to the side of CN6 marked on the pcb as “GND” and the central to the pin “HOT”.

  3. jorge Says:

    i tray and not work
    please make a you tube video

    • It’s a simple coaxial cable, it must work
      Remember that you have to tune your dongle to 69.085 MHz for receive 30m, 20m, 12m and 6m. For the remaining HF bands, the dongle must be tuned to 75.925 MHz.
      With this tap point you can’t receive VHF and UHF

  4. bonjour je possède un ts 450s et je cherchait a faire la même chose que vous j’ai regarder les schéma de base des deux poste, le ts 2000 et le ts 450s il sont très proche .
    je vais esailer la même manipulations que vous merci pour ses explication ..

  5. Stewary Says:

    Hi Marco, Where would be the best place to tap-in to IF for 2 Metres?
    I have a Flexradio for HF &6 Metres, but 2 Metre IF tap with wide bandwidth would be really useful to me.

  6. Erica AE8YL Says:

    How much band width are you able to see with this tap point? What low impedance amp did you select? I have an lp pan for my ts 940 but would really like something similar for the ts-2000.


  7. It was suggested to me that you might get a cleaner signal, without a bunch of unwanted mixer products, by tapping CN9 (visible in your first picture showing CN6, near the bottom) instead of CN6. I have a buffer amp on order from G4HUP, customized for this project with a 90MHz LPF. I’m going to try both tap places and see which I prefer.

    … AFTER I have VK0EK in my log … ;)


    Bill WK2X

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