50 MHz F2 South South America

Several afternoon openings toward South America for a month, almost everyday around 15-17z and 20-22z

Worked many QSO with PYs with huge signals, even with simple antenna and 100W.

Very happy to work PP1RR in GG99 Odon, 90 years old and a perfect CW transmission.

Received often VP8VHF beacon and worked VP8ALJ in GD18

But the path to Argentine was the most interesting this season, in addition to LU5FF in FF99 heard many times, worked some station from Chubut, Cordoba, Mendoza and Tierra del Fuego.

The Argentina callsigns are assigned as block, the number in the call is not the call area like in Italy, the region is identified by the first letter after the number, here other infos.



LU2XPK in FD66DE SSB 13066 km

LU8WAT in FE64FB SSB 12546 km

LU3XX in FD55TE CW 13164 km

LU3XX, worked with remote setup, is only 100km closer than my ODX on 6m (VK).




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