mid June update


The actual solar cycle 24 seems to follow the path of the cycle 12, with a second peak stronger than the first. (picture by www.solen.info/solar)
This is good for equinotial propagation (F2, TEP) but not much for ES.
At the present day only one certified 144 MHZ ES opening here in JN61 and few ESMH openings in 50 MHz with little signals.

This lack of propagation favors homebrewing…I’m preparing a 3cm transverter and I hope to be ready in a short time, I will publish the details later.

70MHz still not licensed in Italy for 2014 and we’ve already missed TEP and some ES openings, must wait the last signature on the authorization.

After a break of some years I’ve reinstalled on the mast a single 5.5m boom 8wl 25el Yagi for 432 MHz and an hm preamplifier with ATF54143 device. Everything works but definitely I need some power boost because many stations that I heard cannot receive me at all, my actual power is around 50w. So i’ve revived a tube amplifier built in 2008 with Walter IK5ZWU, here a Youtube photobook

The amplifier had a bad input mismatch so I reshaped to obtain a better gain and to minimize the driving power


Now with 25-35w input, one can reach a full legal power (500W) with anode dissipation well below the tube limit.

On 144/432 we had some days with good SEA-DUCT activity. Worked JN00 and IM99, 800-1100 km on both bands with huge signals.

DXCC status

144 MHz
Due to QRL I’ve missed the dxp of PA2CHR in ZA, worked from JN61 by IK0SMG, congrats Pino

some new country worked with TEP and ESMH propagation, the signals were audible only with the headphones and a certain amount of bits was lost during the mp3 recording

7P8Z Lesotho DXCC #183

A25GF Botswana DXCC #184

S01WS Wester Sahara DXCC #185

DU1GM Philippines DXCC #186

J6/G0VJG St. Lucia DXCC #187

6M6M South Korea DXCC #188


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