Adjusting SSB transmitted audio without bore your friends

New transceivers have dozen of controls for conditioning our voice: mic level, proc level, bandwidth, equalization, etc. Microphones also often have volume and compressor level or they can switch between different caps.

Setting a good transmitted audio without a feedback is almost impossible, indeed many transceivers includes a “Monitor” function for hearing own voice when transmitting, but this is not sufficient because the voice processed by the rig is received in real time, mixing with the voice received directly by the ears.

Often I heard OMs testing on air with a friend in QSO like:

– Now the mic level is 29, proc on 45, EQ TX on bass-boost…how is the sound?

– Ok now the mic is 32, how?

and so on for long time…

The session does not end when the OM reach a good modulation, but when the friend gets tired and closes the QSO with a lie: OK, now it’s PERFECT, don’t touch anything anymore !!

The trick to achieve a good sound quality and timbre modulation as I like, and maybe not to my friends, is to use a tiny software: Audiodelay

This program has been written for synchronize the audio received by a local FM broadcast with the video received via satellite or via internet stream. It’s used to view i.e. a soccer match on tv with the comments of a preferred radio speaker, correcting the lag between audio and video.


For our purposes we need 2 rigs tuned on same QRG, the DUT goes on a dummy load and the receiver audio is connected to a PC with Audio Delay, rf attenuator activated, if needed.
We need to set 3-4 seconds of delay and we can hear our transmitted voice in the headphones after that time, without the QRM of our “not transmitted voice”.

schema audiodelay

For TS-590S I like for dxing, mic on 25, proc (max 10dB) and TX Equalization HB1.



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