TCXO “Made in China” for FT817 (FT857-FT897)

I’ve installed a cheap TCXO on the little Yaesu rig and “measured” the performances. The TCXO has declared stability of 0.1 ppm.

The FT817 will be the IF (432 MHz) of a 3cm CW/SSB transverter, that is still WIP , so an increase stability , even if on the IF, can help to improve the performances of the whole system.

The TCXO comes without board, so it was quickly wired as a dead bug.

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A kapton tape isolate the case from the pcb, a strong double sided adhesive tape and silver plated wire hold the oscillator firmly in place. Two capacitors, 10uF tantalium and 10nF are placed to the supply as on the original Yaesu TCXO-9 board.


For acquire the data, I used the great software Spectrum Lab by DL4YHF to capture the audio frequency peak of RWM standard frequency and time radio station during the minutes 00:00 to 07:59 and 30:00 to 37:59 of every hour, when the RWM sends a continuous carrier. The rig was tuned on 14.995 MHz USB so the demodulated peak should be (around) 1000Hz. The data have been sampled for about 12 hours: RED is the original oscillator and BLUE is the new TCXO



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