Status update autumn 2014

The last season on VHF was characterized by few openings of sporadic-E.

On 144 MHz only two days 22/06 and 28/06, not much better on 70 and 50MHz (respect 2013 2012 ecc.)

On the magic band the ES was principally single hop, so we had only few openings with multihop path to the Caribbean area, North America and Japan.

However strong 6m TEP and F2 compensate for the weakness of ES, giving us days of fun with many stations from PY LU CE sometime with huge signals.

To sum up the season on 50 Mhz, about 6 new squares worked, 1 new field, 2 new countries and the ODX

FT4TA in LH74GC (Tromelin Island) DXCC #189

5R8M in LH46CP (Madagascar) DXCC #190

VK6KXW in OF87JR (Australia) ODX 50 MHz 13426 km



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