Playing with ESP8266

I am always been interested in efficient ways to remote control via internet my hamradio station, mainly due to the fact that I’m away from the shack most of the time.
I use my fully controlled remote station since 2006, my first QSO from the workplace was YL2HA in 144MHz during a good E-sporadic opening on 13/06/2006. Over the years several improvements have been added to reduce the bandwidth, the delay of the link and, in the latest years, to be QRV and work some basic QSOs by using the smartphone.

Some months ago I heard about a wifi module that can be controlled via AT commands (like the old modems) and I immediately bought one for few euros. The plan was to give a TCP way to communicate with the world to all the microcontrollers without the need to fill them with the TCP-IP stack.


When I received the module, based on the ESP8266 v12E, I discovered that it can be flashed  with a different firmware that permits to use the onboard microcontroller to control some input/output ports and a 10bit ADC. So there is no need to add another microcontroller to send the AT commands.

The new firmware is called Nodemcu and, when flashed, removes the AT commands  and adds a Lua interpreter. Lua is a programming language used for generic scripting.
I wrote a simple script to connect my access-point and start a basic web-server to control the status of an output pin, this pin drives a relay that switches on-off a 220V socket.
When connected to the access point, a led blinks in Morse code the last number of the ip address, to easily identify the module in a DHCP network.

This “Wifi controlled 220V socket” was built in few hours, I will use it to switch on the power amplifier when needed (instead to leave it always powered on).

I think the ESP8266 can have in the future many interesting applications to the our hobby.
I already have some ideas about it and I ordered a good number of these modules :-)


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