Sporadic-E summer 2016


Till now this summer is a bit short of multi-hop openings on 6m for my location especially toward USA and Caribbean area. Fortunately there was a good opening to Asia during the CQ WW VHF contest. The Thai hams are allowed to transmit on 50 MHz only during this contest, 16 and 17 July, so working the Thailand was a good shot.

Remarkable 50 MHz QSOs:

E2X in OK06 DXCC #196

HS0AC in OK04
E21EIC in OK03
E20QVD in NK99

DU7/PA0HIP in PK10

Worked also a new country distant only 1000 km to my station, so I had to wait a short ES skip:
5A1AL in JM62 DXCC #195

I was not much active on 144 MHz this year, but thanks to the great Android application ESsense  by PE1NWL linked to the DXrobot, I was warned promptly for the funny 18 June ES opening.

I had QSO with about 25 Ukrainian OMs on SSB and CW but the nice part was when the few kHz around 144.300 became crowded by neighbors callers so moved to 145.550 on FM mode and worked a good number of OMs transmitting with a vertical antennas and mobile transceivers.


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