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 ### IW0FFK – Marco ###

Hello, thanks for visit my Blog.

I’m Marco, born in 1972, and I live in Rome JN61fs

I am licensed OM in 1995, when undergraduate, for testing about digital data transfer via radio, first real logged QSO is on April 2004.

My favorite bands are 70cm, 2m, 4m and 6m.


70cm: IC-910H – 25el 7wl – ATF 54143 – 500W

2m: KNW TS-2000 – 4.6wl 16JXX with full elevation system – ATF 54143 – 500W

4m: IC-706 with 70MHz mod – 6el Yagi LFA – PGA103+

6m: KNW TS590S/IC-756P3 – LFA 7el. 1.65 wl G0KSC design – PGA103+ – 500W

30m/80m: KNW TS850S – full wave wire dipole – 500W

Unless otherwise indicated, the text of documents, the pictures and the audio files on this website, are freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 , or any later version.

Licenza Creative Commons


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