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Repairing the Kenwood TS-590 USB port after a surge

Posted in Electronics with tags , , , on 27 April 2016 by iw0ffk

Some years ago a lightning surge entered from the antenna’s rotator to the control box then to the personal computer’s usb hub and has broken all the peripherals connected: keyboard, mouse, webcam, all the usb ports of the PC and the port of the Kenwood TS-590 :-|

Fortunately (…) the transceiver was still usable because the USB features are redundant:¬† it’s possible to use the analog audio in/out on the ACC connector and the DB9 RS232 port to control the rig.

After a quick check the result was the fuse F901 blown, the USB Hub IC905 shorted to GND and the zener protection D901 destroyed. I’ve closed the transceiver and used it without USB for several months.


Now I’m improving my home station for remote use and I want to substitute the TS-2000 with the TS-590 expecially for 6m band, it has a noise filter much more efficient respect to the TS-2000 and the city noise here is growing up quickly!

So I’ve bought the replacement parts to restore the original functionality.
The work isn’t easy! The USB hub has 36pins in a footprint 4 x 7mm and it has around a good number of very tiny resistors capacitors etc.
To remove the component I used an hot air station by AOUYE and a preheater of the same producer, they are not professional tools, but can do the job.

After replacing the IC and the fuse I powered up the transceiver, connected the USB port but no new peripherals have been detected by the OS :-(

Further analysis showed that there was still a problem on the supply, result is two other tiny ICs to replace: the power switch Q902 just after the fuse and the AND port IC904. With a wire jumper both the switches are now bypassed and the peripherals (hub+codec+232 converter) finally appear in my USB list :-)


Now I’m looking for these parts to complete the work:
Q902 – HN7G01FU-F (Mouser code 757-HN7G01FU-AT5L,FT )
IC904 – TC7SH08FU-F (RS code 540-6863)

If anyone has the same problem with the TS590’s USB port, I will be happy to exchange the USB2512 and the protection zener RSB12JS2 with these components…I have them abundantly…RS sells minimum 5 parts and now I have 4 unused.